Asset Management

Maximize profit, rocket return

Asset management is here to ensure that your hotel is as effective, profitable and competitive as possible. Which is why we continually ask ‘Is that capital spend critical?’ ‘Will this impact on the top-line?’ ‘Will that boost your return?’ Oh so many questions!

Drive top-line revenue

As you can see, we know the questions to ask, the areas to investigate and the analysis that’s needed to boost your revenue and reduce costs. We then use these answers to make informed commercial decisions, take advantage of all opportunities and make changes that will protect and enhance your profitability. No stone is left unturned and we’re always up-to-date and ready to respond to changes in market conditions and possible trends that might affect profitability.

Make change happen

Lengthy and ongoing profit and loss analysis, industry trend research, strengths and weakness surveys, meetings and reports are all crucial to providing us with the information and evidence that specific changes need to be made. It’s then about implementing that change in a sustained and positive way that gets everyone on board. And this comes back to our value of treating people as human beings and developing a culture of mutual trust. It’s also about a structured approach where we focus on key changes, break things down and don’t try to change everything at once. Baby steps are the secret here.

Monthly meeting

We will meet with you each month to share a clear picture of progress and a monthly report including:

  • An overview of the month
  • Your current trading position
  • The areas of focus for the month
  • A financial forcecast (Year End vs budget)

In short, everything we do is about maximizing profitability and boosting your return on investment. And, with owners enjoying an average 3x return on our costs, it’s not just our word you’re relying on.

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