We like big numbers and so do our owners, so let’s start with a few


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When you’ve been around for 120 years, you pick up a thing or too about what it takes to run a seriously successful hotel. So, rather than bore you senseless, we’ve narrowed our insights down to three key elements:

1. Keep it commercial

Running a successful hotel often means making difficult decisions. In our experience owners find this difficult to do alone and can shy away, for fear of ‘rocking the boat’, from taking important commercial steps that are essential for success. With us on board owners are relieved of this pressure. They know that every decision we make will have clear commercial benefits and trust us to carefully and respectfully implement the changes. Relieved of this stress, owners can simply enjoy the rewards.

2.The devil’s in the detail

In-depth management information is crucial to the successful running of any hotel. If we are to increase your top line, by driving revenue and reducing costs, it is essential that we stay close to the info. With real time access to the PMS systems of every hotel and a lot of time spent on-site, we make sure that every aspect of your hotel is shipshape and profitable. Using balanced scorecards, smart sheets and structured planning documents you can be sure that everything, from recruitment to procurement, is taken care of. And, because we meet with you every month to provide you with detailed management information you are always completely up to speed and informed. We’re not about detail for the sake of looking busy and important (don’t get us started), so every report we request will benefit your business.

3. The right people in the right places

This might be obvious (this is the hospitality industry after all) however owners often find this an uncomfortable ask. We understand that replacing a long serving member of staff, even if they aren’t doing a particularly great job, is difficult. But this well intended loyalty can end up having a very negative impact on other members of staff, your customer experience and your reputation. Which is why we work hard to ensure that every person, from your sous chef to your receptionist, is the right fit, has the right skills and the right attitude. This isn’t to say that we go in all guns blazing. We will take the time to get to know your people, find out what their strengths and motivators are and then do our very best to work with them and help them to succeed. People are the heart of your business and we never forget this.

A few of the things owners tell us they value:

  • Time spent on-site getting to know the business, its staff and customers

  • Total clarity and transparency

  • Still being involved but without the daily stress

  • No pressure, ownership is fun again

  • Ability to handle difficult staff decisions in a delicate, respectful way

  • The experience and expertise to ensure revenue growth

  • Return on investment (3 times more than the cost)

Whether you’re a large branded chain or a small independent, we will tailor our services to boost revenue, create a first class customer experience and ensure happy dedicated staff. If stress free ownership sounds appealing check out our ‘owner to management journey’ or take our ‘are you ready?’ quiz to help you to decide.