Franchise Compliance

Franchise fame, glittering gain

Being part of a big brand has many plus points and is often a very sound investment. It is however a considerable investment and so maximising your return and protecting it is essential.

Likewise, big brand names need to protect their reputation and ensure that every single one of their franchises shares consistent standards and levels of customer care. Bad news travels very fast (especially with the likes of Tripadvisor and social media), so it only takes one hotel to completely damage the success of an entire brand. Which is why these agreements can sometimes seem a touch big brother.

Failure to comply to standards outlined in your agreement can, at best, lead to an increase in inspections and at worst the rebuking of your franchise. We know that it sometimes feels as if you’re jumping through an awful lot of hoops so we’re here to guide you though.

Going for gold

In our combined 120 years hotel management experience (yes really we’re that old!) we’ve worked with many of the big brand names. So, not only do we know about jumping through hoops, developing and maintaining brand consistency and ensuring compliance, the big names trust us too.

We’ll help you to get the most from your franchise. We’ll make sure that your next inspection, and every one after that, leaves you with a big tick and maybe even a glittering gold star.

Just a few of the things we will do:

  • Monitor your brand standards
  • Undertake franchise audits
  • Prepare you for franchise inspections (mock inspections and follow-up guidance)

Let us do all the jumping whilst you enjoy the maximum return on your franchise investment.

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