Rooms management

Right rate, right guest, right time.

Get your room management right and you’ll be looking at a bustling hotel and the nice healthy returns that come with it. Get it wrong however and you’ll be mourning an empty hotel or one that’s fully booked with cheap room rates. Either way the latter is bad news for your profitability, for your long-term financial health, for your brand and its reputation.

Get room management right

This business of rates and rooms is one we are highly skilled at, so we’ll make sure that you maximise the potential of your rooms and fill your hotel with the right guests at the right price.

Room management services include:

  • Assessment of room sales & rates
  • Competitor analysis
  • Yield improvement
  • Optimisation and management of all online presence
  • Links with third party agents, locally and nationally
  • Strengthening of corporate deals
  • Staff training for all sales staff

Hand over the tricky business of room management to our experts and watch those profit margins soar.

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