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Your shiny new hotel is the most amazing hotel in the whole wide world. But if the only person who knows about it is dotty Doris from down the road it can very quickly become the most amazingly stressful, investment-draining burden you can imagine. But enough with all that doom and gloom because all you need, to bring those lovely guests running to your door, is a highly effective marketing plan!

Know, Like, Trust…Repeat

There are a lot of hotels out there so it’s our job to make sure that people know about yours. Once they know about you, we then want them to like you (what an absolutely fabulous hotel darling) and trust that every time they return they will receive the same excellent levels of customer service (I simply wouldn’t stay anywhere else). True marketing not only develops loyal, returning customers but these customers then become your independent brand ambassadors. They are out there spreading the word that your hotel is the only place to stay! And you can’t say better than that.

In-depth audits:

In order for us to get all these heads on beds, bums on seats and feet through doors we will first carry out detailed assessments on all areas of sales and marketing including your:

Online presence: how you appear on, and

  • How you appear on your own website,,, GDS channels – and how easy is it to book.
  • Menu and drinks: how profitable your wines, alcohol and menus are.
  • Client type: the percentage of repeat customers vs. new customers.
  • Client feedback: what can we learn from you feedback forms.
  • Travel trade connections: how well connected you are with tour operators and travel agents.
  • Yield management: how many rooms are sold to the right guest at the right price at the right time.
  • Enquiries: what your enquiry list and sales conversation statistics tell us.

Sounds like a plan!

With all this information we then develop a comprehensive and realistic marketing plan that makes sense (not one that’s full of waffle). We then make sure that everything is crystal clear, that everything we do is in line with this plan and that all sales and marketing activities are focused on the clear aims and objectives agreed. And, in order to keep everything on track, we’re also hot on regular monitoring, staff training and appraisals. It’s an ongoing process.

So, get ready to put your feet up and watch your revenue rocket, as your hotel becomes a hive of profitable activity.

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