Our values in 3 words: Human, Quality, Transparency

Human – We care about your people.

Business is about people and we never ever forget that. Owning a hotel should be fun, coming to work should be fun and managing a hotel should be fun. That’s not to say that every minute is like a trip to Disney, there’s hard work to be done but we make sure that the human side of business runs though everything we do. When your staff are treated well and enjoy coming to work it makes a big difference to their performance and to their lives outside the hotel. When staff are happy it rubs off on your customers and they look forward to coming back too. And when all that happens, you’re one happy owner. For us it’s all about showing everyone a level of respect and understanding that builds trust and creates a happy and productive place to work.

Quality – We care about a job well done.

The only way to deliver fantastic returns for you is by delivering an outstanding, high quality service that is consistent across all aspects of your business. To do this we dedicate a lot of time, both on-site and off-site, to the management of your hotel. Right from the best bed linen for the rooms or the freshest produce in your kitchens, to the best wine knowledge in your restaurant and the friendliest welcome at check in, we’ve got it all covered. Every microscopic aspect must be of the highest standards and aligned with your hotel brand and your customers. Call it OCD if you like but we’re proud of this attention to detail and the quality of our work (It’s the only way to provide owners with an average return of 3x their investment).

Transparency – We care about clarity and honesty.

As your management team, it’s our job to take the stress away from you. But, imagine if we were to keep things hidden, surprise you with unexpected charges or make fundamental changes without your knowledge. Stress levels are suddenly not so low any more! Which is why all our charges are agreed up front, why we meet with you every month and why we share monthly detailed management information. Our owners trust our honesty and transparency, they trust that we are doing the best job and making the right decisions for their business. Which is why they can sit back, relax (no more sleepless nights) and simply enjoy the rewards.

Your kind of management partner?

So, if you’ve decided that an honest management company that cares about people and delivers the highest quality service sounds like a good match for your hotel, please take a look at our ‘are you ready?’ quiz and then, if the time is right for you, please get in touch.

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