Your Journey

Step 1 – Quiz time

10 quick questions to help you to decide if this is right for you, right now. Ready for the change? Move on to step 2. Unsure? Pop back and re-take in 6 months

Step 2 – Let’s talk

Give us a call, find out more about us and pick our hospitality brains

Step 3 – Get the kettle on

It’s time to meet up and really get to know each other to see if we all think this could work.

Step 4 – It’s a deal

We’ll send a clear outline of all costs and contracts for everyone to sign

Step 5 – Moving in day

Time to step back, start to relax and trust in our expertise

Step 6 – Why, Who, What, When

Presentations to your staff to keep them all in the loop

Step 7 – Down to detail

In-depth audits (sales, HR, front desk, purchasing & distribution, finance, H&S, revenue etc.) will tell us what needs to change and inform our action plan

Step 8 – Plans into action

With clear objectives and detailed action plans, key areas are tackled one step at a time

Step 9 – Review & reflect

Performance is regularly reviewed against KPIs and balanced scorecards

Step 10 – Monthly meet

We’ll meet with you each month to share detailed management reports and predictions.

mamoYour Journey