Your Story

We understand that this is a mighty big step. You might well be reading this with the certainty that handing over your hotel management to us is the way forward (you’re already on that beach sipping that fizz). Or you could be skimming this nervously, feeling unsure about stepping back and letting other people make big decisions about your hotel.

Either way, you need as much information as possible before you even pick up the phone. It’s really important that you have a clear insight into what outsourcing your management really means and think about how you might react to your newfound freedom.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way and to make that transition a positive, profitable and liberating experience. But, before we do we’d like to find out a bit more. Whilst it’s impossible for us to know your exact situation, your concerns or you current challenges as an owner, we can tell you that most people who find themselves here fall into one of three categories. So, find your category below and then follow our advice.

  1. I need control – I love the concept but hate the thought of handing over control – pop back in 6 months
  2. Tell me more – interesting, but could I really do it? – Take our ‘are you ready?’ quiz
  3. Hand over the fizz – where do I sign, I’m off – check out the ‘journey’ for next steps
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